Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chicago Now: Write Me Back Review

R Kelly let it be known that R&B Music starts and finishes with, "WRITE ME BACK". There may be hope for music yet people.

Gotham City for the Ghetto… Gotham City for the Ghetto; Ghetto.. That used to be one of my favorite songs by Robert Kelly aka R Kelly. The remix to Gotham City with Strings on the track rapping for some reason gets me hyped. I’m bank-head bouncing right now as I type this blog out. There are only a few artists that can perform a solo concert and have you singing 40 of their songs word for word.

R KELLY is one of those artists.

I did not want to write an article this early about R Kelly. I wanted to save the blog about R Kelly till around late August or early September for a huge announcement ☺ hint-hint. 

Dammit Kell’s you had to release an album that is already a front-runner for album of the year.

As many of you know who read the blog every week we started this blog to try and bring back real music. (HENCE THE TITLE) With all the payola going on, the nursery rhyme rappers, the short-term memory consumers, and the lack of strong artists and musicians, I never thought that there could be an album that would make me feel like I was listening to Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gay.


I have met R Kelly plenty of times. The Impact Music Festival, The Jack The Rapper Convention, The NBA All Star weekend. I am really close to his former manager and mentor of us both, George Daniels from Georges’ Music Room. Also, I have bumped into R Kelly at several parties in Chicago, Atlanta, New York. He even came out to a party that I DJ’d back in the day at a club called Bermuda Bob’s on Highway 41 between Chicago and Milwaukee in Waukegan. Then we used to have about 700 people every Thursday night getting their party on, Lake County Style, hosted by Rick Party, Cartea and sometimes Lisa E from WGCI. 

Whew… Those were the days.

Write Me Back, R Kelly’s latest release, starts off by giving props to Chicago House music. You feel like you are in Medusa’s rocking to Lil Louis or Farley with the track “Love Is”. It also features the faster beats per minute style dance club speed and has R Kelly talking over the track like Teddy Pendergrass used to before the song begins. 

You remember when Teddy used to talk to the women. Come On and Go with Me. Come on Over to My Place… Remember the lady in the song was like, “No Not Tonight”. Then Teddy Started Screaming at her and then she was like, “Ok maybe for a minute”. ☺

Man R&B was the lick.. Any back to the blog.

Then on the album R Kelly gives you the labeled pushed first release, “Feelin Single”. This song is an ode to the men who have questions in their relationship and want to make changes. The hook says it best, “You got me feeling single, about to get out, find somebody who is going to love me girl.”
I’d love to go through each song but they are all classics. In a real world of radio every song would find its place on the charts. Now I am a huge R Kelly fan, but even I did not expect this from the R&B King. 

(I also consider Bobby Brown a King in R&B)… But that is for a different blog.

The coup de grace on this album is the song entitled, “You Are My World”, a tribute to Michael Jackson. This song will move you and also give you chills. I was listening to this song while I watched the Miami Heat’s victory celebration with the sound down and actually thought it was Michael Jackson singing. 

DANG MIAMI HEAT…. But we will leave that for another blog. WHY DURANT WHY!!!
This is not R Kelly’s first classic album. “12 Play” was my joint. Every song on that CD was a certified number one jam. 

The R. was a classic. How many of you still start rocking when you hear Keith Murray say, “It’s Gone Be a Party Y’all”. 

Happy People had every steppers song you could make on it. had Fiesta, I Wish, A Woman’s Threat. 

R. Kelly had Hump Bounce(A VERY UNDERATED SONG TO ME), You Remind Me, Be Happy, Down Low, Trade in My Life.

Double Up had I’m A Flirt, Same Girl, Rock Star, Best Friend, Havin A Baby.

TP.3 Relaoded had Slow Wind, Happy Summertime, In The Kitchen, Remote Control, Hit it Til the Morning.

And I haven’t even touched one of my favorite CD’s of all time, “THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS”. We will address the Best of Both Worlds with another blog as well. 

That CD is tooooooooo good to speak on right now.

The bottom line is that one of the most talented singers in the history of music returned with a classic album. He didn’t have 6 other featured artists on his album. He didn’t need auto-tune. He didn’t have to start a fake media incident for press and promotion. 

All R Kelly needed on this album was his God given voice. 

That statement in and of it self is a blessing. Bless you R KELLY we hope your voice box holds up to your vocal extravagance. 


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