Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicago Sun-Times: Write Me Back Review

On "Love Letter," his 2010 album of Motown retreads, R. Kelly revisited the safe '60s and restrained his inner freak. It sorta worked, but it felt very much like a costume. The follow-up in this kinder, gentler phase of his infamy is rooted in '70s soul -- far more Philly than the Chicago native's South Side -- and is a much more natural fit for Kelly's considerable vocal gifts and lusty one-track mind.

Undaunted by his extracurricular troubles, music's Teflon mack daddy continues the dated correspondence on "Write Me Back," featuring a dozen stately, string-soaked homages to the genteel grooves of Gamble & Huff. In superb voice, sounding younger and fresher than ever, Kells croons adult adulations about the magic of matrimony ("Lady Sunday") and the virtues of honesty ("When a Man Lies"). The rich but not overpowering production keeps the grooves fluid and the surprises few, though he successfully dons a breezy little bossa nova ("Believe That It's So"). Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" is such an inspiration here that Kelly applies the same groove to both the opener ("Love Is") and especially the closer ("Share My Love," in which Kelly shouts his No. 1 commandment: "Populate! Populate!").

It's all so respectable and ... normal, but have no fear. More episodes of "Trapped in the Closet" have been announced, Kelly's ex-wife is on a new reality show debuting Wednesday, and his memoir is due this week, too (as well as numerous appearances this week). Plenty of freaky-deaky details still to come.

And if he's moving through the decades, that means the "Superfreak"-inspired '80s album is next.

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