Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Write Me Back Review

(out of 5)

Robert Sylvester Kelly is steadfast. When many of his colleagues are taking plenty of time, sometimes a little too early as in the notorious case, D'Angelo, he releases his twelfth studio album in 20 years.

In parallel with his own releases he has had time to do two plates together with Jay-Z ended up in legal wrangling with the same, completed a six-year lawsuit concerning a doubtful sexvideo well written, produced and remixed songs for many artists, including Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston and The Isley Brothers.

Not to mention the half a mega project Lomana Trapped in the closet, a chapter is divided "hiphopera" in songs and videos, on the left and entangled in lies.

It could have been too much, but R. Kelly is an expert at reinventing himself. He mastered heart crushing ballads as well as strippklubbshedonism and retro disco, and he does it with a matter that requires a few years old.

The only thing he should definitely stay away from is to rap. R Kelly is so firmly in the sky that he has room to screw it up, to play around, be silly and funny, voluntarily or involuntarily. Therefore, he escaped with songs like Six aircraft from 2007, with lines like "Girl I promise this Will Be pain less, we'll take a trip to planet Uranus", or why not Pregnant from 2009, which is simply a matter of seeing a girl who looks so good that he wants to make her pregnant immediately and put her in the kitchen. Therefore, he can bask in the penis synonyms and self-pity.

He weighs namely always up plojet with shockingly beautiful songs that hits just right, from recent years include Jack Splash-produced and discofunkiga Be my # 2 from 2009 to gospelexistentiella U saved me from 2004.

And this time it's a solid album he releases himself, bursting with the kind of quality soul and r'n'b. On the Write me back mixing the best of the discs from the 00s onwards. First Love is a brilliant dance floor gem, a 70-century reeking love tribute to lift the roof. In the following a wounded amicable Feelin 'single, which sounds like a new construction of a number of old Michael Jackson songs.

The ancient giants are always between the lines. Smokey Robinson lurking in the wings on Fool For You and Love is heard both Barry White and Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. All rounds on me sounds like Raphael Saadiqs four years old The way I see it, which in turn is one long 60-century pastiche. All of it without R Kelly stops sounding like R Kelly.

Sometimes the lack of substance, he is better at music than on the text and there is nothing on the theme of love and sex as R Kelly have not done a song about. But it is secondary.

Write me back is the most enjoyable R Kelly album for a while, a perfect balance between death-defying disco, oversized emotional soul and r'n'b lovable. More music, less nonsense.

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