Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Calgary Herald: Write Me Back Review

(out of 5)

While there are those picking sides in the Chris Brown or Usher debate of who is the reigning king of R&B (please note: the only people tossing Justin Bieber’s name in the ring are those who think R&B stands for “rainbows and bunny rabbits”), R. Kelly is simply getting it done, letting his music speak for itself.

And rarely in the past decade has he done it better and more satisfying than on this latest collection of tasteful and tasty seduction songs.

At times coming off like a Barry White-Michael Jackson hybrid, the artist dances lightly and playfully through gorgeously lush compositions seemingly plucked from the most soulful part of the ’70s.

Lyrically, for the most part, the material has a comparative innocence to it, sidestepping the down and dirty for the dining, drinking, dancing and simple, joyful pleasure of making fine, sweet love.

And, in fact, the best track on the album is the gleeful, good-time doo-wop number All Rounds on Me, which shows off some call and response all Isley Brothers-like, and demonstrates that R. Kelly can bring the party better and more musically than any of his younger contemporaries.

As if there was any debate.

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