Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Write Me Back Review

★★★★ (out of 5)

It takes mere seconds to grasp what R. Kelly's Write Me Back, his eleventh album, is about. In a Barry White growl of seduction, the opening track, 'Love Is', starts off with a line that would normally end with a slap across the face but R pulls it off. "They say that love is blind but I can see clearly when I'm making love to you, looking you in your eyes. I see love has the greatest vision of all time."

This ridiculousness falls into what can now be described as the R. Kelly cult, thanks to the hip-hopera, Trapped In The Closet. The singer often tows the thin line of knowing he's joking or unknowingly taking part in a great joke but Write Me Back is a solid example of his vocal range and his sheer talent to pen a great song to get those shoulders shimmying. This album celebrates disco, ladies. drinkin' and lovin' (not the 'Bump n' Grind' kinda lovin', unfortunately). This is proper joy-inducing music and it is a further step into the vortex of this cult. 'Fool For You' throws back to the golden Motown days and if you don't end up swaying and finger-clicking mindlessly to this - well, there might be something wrong with you. We have our ballads like 'When A Man Lies', 'Believe In Me' and 'Clipped Wings' which show the sensitive side to R but it's when he puts his party hat on that we really get stuck in a rut that we never want to get out of. 'All Rounds On Me' and 'Party Jumpin' pay homage to the syrup from the gods, that sweet hooch, that beautiful, beautiful booze. If you abstain from alcohol, the three minutes and seventeen seconds of 'Party Jumpin' will certainly change that. It's no 'Ignition (Remix)', one of R's definite hits from 2003, but it is definitely up there in terms of having the best time possible.

If you find this celebration of love and good times a bit too wholesome, R is already working on his next album entitled Black Panties which will, no doubt, show him celebrating love in the 'Bump n' Grind' style once again. You may or may not know but R. Kelly will be hosting his own five-day Love Letter cruise in October 2012, the man loves to entertain and if this album is anything to go by, with its born to boogie attitude, then not only should you buy Write Me Back but maybe you should even consider going on this cruise.

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