Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Write Me Back Review

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R & B icon commutes free between madness and genius.

(out of 6)

I was not sure how I would react when R Kelly, one of the best r'n'b artists but also one of the most disorganized, began recording new episodes of his r'n'b soap opera Trapped In The Closet earlier this year. You never know where you are with Kellz - between perfect and pompous collaborations and productions must sometimes laugh. My and my friends standing joke when both Untitled (2009) and Love Letter (2011) came, what other creative places R Rellys sex life would be taking place on and baked together into a song about how funny Pregnant was and that he joddlade in Echo.

But he is at least as productive as their younger colleagues r'n'b. Maybe it's because he rarely tours here, because of his fear of flying. On Write Me Back, he shows how easy it can be to switch between madness and genius. In the beautiful and classic soul built Clipped Wings he sings "Welcome to the love letter. Write me back." All recognize R Kelly-the sound of Believe That It's So. Then, a fantastic Motown dominos start of soul and love lyrics, where everything about all or nothing. In both the Fool for You, Share My Love, Lady Sunday and the single Feelin 'Single, will Kellz perfect soul trains with deadly hooks.

Apart from any slip, as Party Jumpin 'and terrible '50s rockabilly in All Rounds On Me, the Write Me Back R Kelly's best album in a long time. The grand Believe In Me is a given klubbhit and Love Is sounds like a young The Walrus of Love himself - Barry White.

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