Tuesday, December 4, 2012

T.I. On R. Kelly's 'Ecletric Art'

Did you happen to catch the latest installation of R. Kelly's hip hopera Trapped in the Closet over Thanksgiving?

No, I have not, man! Please tell me it’s good. I like Kellz on the Love Letter stuff; I like to hear that Kellz. I know he has the ability to do different, eclectic arrays of all presentations of art but my favorite happens to be that area. I think R. Kelly’s range is so vast and broad that in order to stimulate himself creatively as an artist, he has to step so so far outside the box or else he feels like he’s not challenging himself. I’ve felt like that before. You know when I put out records that may not work or connect with the audience it’s because I’m pushing myself as an artist creatively, because I’m just bored doing what everyone wants me to do.

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