Thursday, August 20, 2015

FAQ on Radio Posts

  • Spins = Number of times the song was played the past week (7 days).
  • Spins+ = Change in "Spins" compared to the day before. Another way to explain this is that it's the difference between the number of spins a song received yesterday and the number of spins it received on the same day the week before.
  • Bullet = Total increase or decrease in spins compared to last week.
  • Bullet+ = Change in "Bullet" compared to the day before.
  • Positive "Bullet", positive "Bullet+" = Song is increasing, and more rapidly than before.
  • Positive "Bullet", negative "Bullet+" = Song is increasing, but it's slowing down.
  • Negative "Bullet", positive "Bullet+" = Song is decreasing, but not as fast as before.
  • Negative "Bullet", negative "Bullet+" = Song is decreasing, even faster than before.
  • Aud = Audience reached in millions. Each spin is worth a certain audience value, depending on the station and the time of day. It is cumulative, so "100 million" does not necessarily mean that 100 million people have heard it. It could be 5 million people each hearing the song 20 times.
  • Aud+ = Change in "Aud" compared to the day before.
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