Friday, December 18, 2015

Die Welt: The Buffet Review

Many fine words for the most beautiful thing in the world

The Walt Whitman of the Soul: R. Kelly has again recorded an album, his 13th The music is as usual. But he reveals himself to "The Buffet" as a great poet of love and carnal desire.

All people have their lives long believed the fact that the Eskimos would know most of the words for snow. As this summer linguist at the University of Glasgow proudly proclaimed, the Scots themselves could describe snow with at least 421 words (including "flindrikin" and "feefle"), and are therefore the leading language group of Schneebeschreiber, collapsed a world for many.

Similarly, it will give us now while listening to "The Buffet", the thirteenth album of soul singer R. Kelly going. Previously it was musicological consensus that the Bochum band The cashier uses most euphemisms for sex. But R. Kelly changes everything. In the 13 new songs he has actually found nearly 500 words for birds.

Now, it is not wrong to sing about sex. Above all, in English is allowed. And Soul was always, in addition to the music of the civil rights movement, also a music between the civic movements. "When a Man ​​Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge, for example, of course, was wonderful, and the loud sigh Donna Summers in "Love to Love You Baby" is one, once heard, never back out of the head.

Good evening, ladies

R. Kelly songs you will never forget so quickly. This has less to his music than to himself and his life theme. Although it initially surprised that R. Kelly has now also discovered the Plug-in autotune. You know, the vocal effect of Cher's "Believe" in 1998 and of all that now R & B ie, on the voice. It also is not on the sleazy club beats. And certainly not. To the collaborations with such dubious musicians like Lil Wayne, Jeremih or Wizkid No, it is solely to the brilliant essays by R. Kelly.

R. Kelly, one of the biggest songs and soundtracks of all time wrote with "I Believe I Can Fly", namely for basketball animation film "Space Jam", where Michael Jordan in a game of golf with Bill Murray through a hole in the square to the Looney -Tunes country is drawn, is, otherwise you can not call it, today a respectable poet laureate. So is "The Buffet" with a spoken-word performance opened the "The Poem" is modest. From Walt Whitman of the Soul.

"Good evening ladies, shall we start with hors d'oeuvres? / I can tell your body's been lacking the plater of satisfaction your body deserves / We have reservations and I'm so glad That We're here / Cause I'll be toasting your juices all night like cheers. " You have to soak up first, of course. For all the complexity of the possible interpretations, but is then relatively quickly clear that R. Kelly Buffet attracts less with all-you-can-eat than with the oral pleasures of love.

In resonant space of our brain

Of course, one wonders whether this really is enough for an album. The answer is a resounding no. And yet the great musician limited a topic on this. On "The Poem" follows "Poetic Sex", which begins with the obvious line "My sex is poetic / I'm gonna get you mad pregnant". In the play "Marching Band" it goes well, you guessed it, not a chapel on Independence Day. Of course, it goes back to R. Kelly's relationship with the woman as such. "She blow me like a tuba / I beat it up like a snare drum / That girl make me want it / Cause everytime we in the bedroom / it be sounding like a marching band," it says in the chorus.

But probably there but a second level, which can easily be very difficult to decipher. Even Schopenhauer's most famous saying goes well known: "The genitals are the soundboard of the brain." As is a saying that the Germans and not understand Soul again.

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