Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrities talk about R. Kelly - Part 3

Saul Williams: "When I wrote "African Student Movement," I was driving, going through radio stations, and I stopped on an urban station. I heard an R. Kelly song that I'm killing myself for liking. I think it was, "Fiesta," with Fat Joe."

Interviewer: You can't deny that R. Kelly produces clever beats.

SW: "Yeah, I couldn't deny it. I was like, "This is so dope!" I need a song with a beat like that. So I went home and made a beat like it. "African Student Movement" was purely inspired by R. Kelly. I made the beat on a Friday night. I was home alone, and I remember I had all the lights off. My washroom in my house also serves as my studio, so I was making the beat and I turned on the mic and free-styled the whole song. I'd just returned from South Africa. So my mind was on South Africa and my rhythm was [inspired by] R. Kelly"  



"What an entertainer R KELLY is.... He is killing the stage . 
Unbelievable ... The vocals, style and musical history" (2011)*

"I've always been an R. Kelly fan, he and I could probably make some good music." (2006)

Missy Elliot: "Making albums with R. Kelly is a blessing from God."

Alicia Keys: "Still love R. Kelly."

 Alicia covered "Step in the Name of Love" on her As I Am tour, 2008:

Whitney Houston: “My dear, dear R. Kelly, some people just have their own world and R. Kelly, he has his own world. You have to step into his world and I kinda stepped in and stepped out for a minute, that’s a story we’ll keep between him and I — forever."

"[There] would not have been a ‘Salute’ or ‘I Look to You’ without Robert Kelly, who is by far one of the best singer-songwriters in the industry today.” (2009)

Whitney refers to R. Kelly as a genius in this interview (2009):

Beyoncé: “R. Kelly, gosh how could I forget? It's still new. It's still brand new and I forgot. I actually didn't get a chance to work with him physically in the studio, but I talked to him on the phone and he's a wonderful person. So talented."

Jennifer Lopez: "R. Kelly is the most moving artist since Marvin Gaye. I love the Chocolate Factory!” 

Joe: “Kelly’s a beast. He continues to show how talented he is. That’s inspiring. I’m motivated by R. Kelly.”

Clay Akin: “I listened to R. Kelly when I grew up and I still listen to some of R. Kelly's inspirational and gospel music because this is what my mom used to play while she was cleaning up. I’ve never listened or liked R. Kelly’s sexual songs or any sexual songs for that matter, but R. Kelly’s inspirational songs are phenomenal.”

Craig David: “I grew up listening to R. Kelly! I have to keep up with the best so I listen to the best. R. Kelly’s new CD (TP-2.COM) is phenomenal.”

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