Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Celebrites talk about R. Kelly - Part 2

On his performance with R. Kelly on the Jimmy Fallon show:

"All I could think about is that MIA pitchfork review of her album when they stated "As long as you bring the magic, we could care less about what goes on in your personal life" - or some version of that. I've been a Kelz fencerider. But man oh cotdamn man. He got the first late night AUTHENTIC standing ovation tonight. Not like "Oh, old legend onstage" type ish. But like when you so captivated by a performance you just gotta friggin... man. [....] Man, he wiped everything away. Even the teamsteresque "Jersey yo!" cats that had nuff Chappelle "piss" jokes were like "That shit is magical" [...] That was THEE greatest late night performance I've seen in studio 6B. Hands down yo. Music is magic" (2010) [Source]


"It was not your average collaboration, I wasn't there when he did it. I met him afterward and we kicked it. He's a good dude. A genius. I was just happy to do something that he created. Everything he seems to do is just ridiculous." (2003)

Ginuwine talks about R. Kelly (2007):

Ruben Studdard:

"The opportunity to work with a genius like R. Kelly was a blessing," Studdard says. "And this song was perfect for me. I think it's the I Believe I Can Fly for 2004." (2004)

Claude Kelly:

"R. Kelly is the most important & complex black artist since Michael Jackson" (2011)*

"Let me just say this: R.Kelly is a master of his craft. writer, producer, singer. And he RIPPED to stage just now" (2011)*

"5 most important artist of the last 20 years: Alanis Morissette, R. Kelly, Kurt Cobain, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill...(Honorable Mention: Eminem)" (2012)*

"R. Kelly = the most original black male artist/sognwriter since Marvin Gaye & MJ. he reinvents n pushes the boundaries of R&B like no other" (2012)*

Erykah Badu:

"I wanna do a song with R Kelley. just thinkin bout how dope he is." (2011)*


"OMG I just had a chance to listen to R Kellys last album "Love Letter" and I must say that this man just made a real "RNB" album he is one of the few ppl that still go in the studio and does what the fuck he wants to and the shit comes out right. If more artists today did that and not go in the studio and hop on YouTube to see "what the kids like right now" then maybe the whole "overflow" of auto-tune would have never happened, I'm just sayin. But that being said, you guys should really buy this album that's my co-sign thanx for reading. Sorry for the super long tweet" (2011)*

Tia Mowry:

Foxy Brown:

Marques Houston:

BET (Interviewer): Who do you think is the most misunderstood person of the last ten years?

"I think R. Kelly is very misunderstood. To me, I think R. Kelly is a genius since I actually got a chance to work with him.”


I think R. Kelly’s shit is really bumpin. I think he is the greatest song writer, I had to rhyme on one of his songs, so I took this one [Sampled When a Woman's Fed Up for K.I.SS.I.N.G]"

 Beenie Man:

“I like R. Kelly. I think that he is a musical genius for this time.”

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