Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrities talk about R. Kelly - Part 4

Jennifer Hudson: “He’s just a genius,” Hudson says. “He hit it on the head in so many ways. How did he channel me?” (2011)

50 Cent: "As Long as you maintain good material people are going to buy," he says. "Why? Because you leave no room for other people to generate new interest as long as your consistency is there. Look at R. Kelly. People who don't like R. Kelly bought Chocolate Factory! Niggas had a perfect lane to take R. Kelly's spot, but the bottom line is that he's the best." (2004)

Joel Madden:

Roy Ayers: "You know who else is unique? This guy R. Kelly. He's unique because he's got a marvelous sense of writing music. He writes so beautifully, and he's so versatile in his writing. I'm not sure there are many people other than the general public who love his music, but there are a lot of musicians who respect his musicianship. He's a wonderful writer."

Jay-Z: "He is a genius talent - it's just that he has other things on his mind." (2011)

“I ain’t never heard somebody sing like that dude before. He made songs like "I Wish"  and things like that. This is a real story. I was listening to this like nah. This is an R&B record, but it was real, you know what I'm saying.”

Stefanie [Interviewer]: What do you think of the current state of R&B and Hip Hop?
K-Ci: Right now, I can say that the only artist that's making me feel real R&B, real R&B is R. Kelly, number one of course. R. Kelly's doing his thing!
Stefanie [Interviewer]:You're feeling Trapped In The Closet huh?
K-Ci: You know what? Not only that song but also you got to think about what R. Kelly has done the past 4 or 5 albums.
Dalvin: He's been consistent.
K-Ci: Yeah he's consistent. He's a real R&B singer. (2005)

Charlamagne:"This R. Kelly "Love Letter" CD is not getting the respect it deserves."
"This R. Kelly "Love Letter" feels like....LOVE. That's the energy it gives off....LOVE."
"I got R. Kelly "How Do I Tell Her" on repeat and if I was drunk i'd be in here in the fetal position crying."
"I don't care what y'all say about Robert Kelly. That man is anointed. Yeah he's troubled but we all are." (2011)*

Kelly Rowland: "R. Kelly Motivation Remix is CRAAAZZZZZY!!!" (2011)*

XXL (Interviewer): Everyone from The- Dream to R. Kelly to Jeremiah remixed "Motivation." Which One Is Your Favorite?
Kelly: Well you know how men are. They always try to be the dominate one, but we women own the very special pot, the P pot. All of them did a great job. Jeremiah's was cool, but R. Kelly's really hit home. When he started singing, "Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom on the floor, babe," I was like, "Oh my God." We completely hit the jackpot with this one if we got R. Kelly wanting to be on the record.

Bobby V:
TTO (Interviewer): Who’s your hero in the music industry? What artist has a career you want to emulate?

Bobby V: "I like R. Kelly a lot. He’s been in the game for such a long time. He is such a great artist."

DJ GLEW (Interviewer): Where were you the first time you heard your idol R. Kelly on your song ‘Birthday Sex?’ And what was your reaction?JEREMIH: "I heard it from the plane and when I heard it I just went buck! Well, I heard about it a long time ago and he recorded it back in January. When I was first told R. Kelly is going on your remix but at that time I wasn’t even signed. The song wasn’t really anywhere and I didn’t have no label support. But once I heard it I was just like “Wow” having R. Kelly as an R&B singer is like any rapper having Jay-Z on their record. He’s the King of R&B and he killed it. He had one of the best remixes of ‘Birthday Sex’. It really stood out to me and he represented for Chicago."

Katy Perry: "Mumford & Sons melted peoples brains they do... Oh yeah and R Kelly & Cher... #legendarystatus" (2011)*

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