Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrities talk about R. Kelly - Part 5

Justin Timberlake: "I truly admire and respect R. Kelly in every single way musically. Say what you want about him, but he is without a doubt the best R&B singer/producer/songwriter in the game right now. I look up to him and hopefully I can get a chance to work with him someday" (2004)

Stephen Hill: "At the Clive Davis party. R. Kelly just destroyed the room with a medley of hits. R+B is alive" (2011)*
Houston: Who would you say played the biggest influence in your sound/style?

"I would say R.Kelly from the R&B side and Tupac from the hip-hop end. It's a mixture of both"

Rev Run:
Spin magazine: You write about first getting into God while watching a televangelist. Then you heard God speaking through Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire, and then you heard him through Tony Robbins in an infomercial. What was the last epiphany you had while watching T.V.?  

"Watching Shaquille O'Neal dunking on people. Basically, I see God all day long, through all types of people. Definitely through R. Kelly." (2000)

Rico Love: "Woooooow!!!! NOBODY is Fucking with R.Kelly!!! Just heard his ReMIX to #Motivation. And I feel like I've officially MADE IT #TTLO" (2011)*

Rick Ross: “When I make music, I go back to my late nights of me by myself, listening to Curtis Mayfield or R. Kelly’s 12 Play" (2011) 

The Weeknd:

Drake: "Kelly is one of the only people who can make remixes better than their originals. That “Ignition” remix was so bouncy, that shit was just so G. That actually goes for both of these songs, because R. Kelly is the king of the remix."

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