Sunday, October 9, 2011

Celebrities talk about R. Kelly - Part 1

Ronald Isley: "He's a genius - a true musical genius." (2003)

"As a producer, he's got a gift that I don't know if he knows how deep and how far his gift goes. He's like a son to me and he listens and he gets it, man. He knows what to do before I even come to the studio. He knows it, he knows and when he did the song 'Contagious' it just flipped me out. I can stand here and talk about him all night." (2010)

"R. Kelly is a genius, he's able to accomplish things you would have to be a genius to accomplish." (2011)

Etta James: "R. Kelly sings his off and is a motherfucker of a producer" (2003)

S/N: Etta James also covered 'I Believe I Can Fly' for her album, All the Way (2006)

Aretha Franklin: “Do you love the song that R. Kelly just recorded, ‘When a Woman Loves’? I think any woman that’s ever been in love will readily relate to that song. He is singing that song. I mean he is singing his heart and his soul out. You know if he isn’t careful, I might become a cougar" (2011)

Randy Newman:
Interviewer: Do your sons turn you on to new music?

"My younger kids did tell me about R. Kelly, how he's a genius and how I should look up a song called "Real Talk." I did - that guy can really sing. I liked it." (2008)

Michael Jackson:

MTV: “On the new video [You Are Not Alone], is a song that is written and produced by R. Kelly. How did you guys hook up?"

MJ: “It was a song he presented and I liked it. Actually, we produced this one together... It just is a wonderful song, he is a wonderful artist.” (1995) 

S/N: R. Kelly also wrote 2 more songs for MJ, "One More Chance" (2003)  and "Cry" (2001)

Michael Jackson dancing to R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)":

Janet Jackson:

Interviewer (FHM magazine): What music boosts you in the bedroom?

Janet: "It all depends on my mood. For softer, down-home loving, I’d say R. Kelly." (2006)

Interviewer (People magazine): You're known for your "baby-making" slow jams. Do you and J.D. ever play them when you're, like, alone?

Janet: "(Giggles) No, I've never done that. I don't really listen to my music. But we love R. Kelly."(2008)

S/N: In 1994, Janet asked R. Kelly to remix "Any Time, Any Place" for her remix album, Janet. Remixed

 Montell Jordan: “I like listening to R. Kelly’s music and someday I want to have the same respect as R. Kelly has as far as being a producer and a songwriter.”

El Debarge:


Lionel Richie: “I like people with there own styles, I think R. Kelly has his own style I would love to work with him one day.”

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