Monday, September 10, 2012

Write Me Back: What the Critics Are Saying

Overall, Write Me Back is another strong album from a singer who has never really produced a weak one.

- The Line of Best Fit

  With “Write Me Back,” R. Kelly proves that he is not only one of the best vocalists in our industry, but he is one of the most creative musical geniuses of our time.

- The Vocal Lounge

While there are those picking sides in the Chris Brown or Usher debate of who is the reigning king of R&B (please note: the only people tossing Justin Bieber’s name in the ring are those who think R&B stands for “rainbows and bunny rabbits”), R. Kelly is simply getting it done, letting his music speak for itself.

Calgary Herald

It's a crafty move for the R&B star who, while racking up hits himself and others, has probably been underappreciated as an artist.

- People Magazine

If anything, Write Me Back proves that Kelly's mode throughout Love Letter was no fluke. It's apparent that he can be retro and urbane as instinctively as he can be cutting edge and filthy.

- AllMusic

On Write Me Back, he shows how easy it can be to switch between madness and genius.


A critic once opined that R. Kelly writes songs as easily as mere humans rearrange living room furniture, and that's never been truer than now: His 11th studio album comes 19 years after his 12 Play debut, and he's long since mastered his muse well enough to set himself a task like "do a 1970s album" and execute it flawlessly in his sleep. The true trick is that the results still sound like him, instead of some '70s caricature, or an aural Austin Powers character (a fate that's befallen many talented artists, like, say, Saddiq).

- SPIN Magazine

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